Currently working on

Research Project (PI) — To See the Tree and the Forest. Reading the Poetry of António Ramos Rosa from a Distance (FCT 2022.08122.PTDC)

Edited Collection — Adília Lopes — Do Privado ao Político (with Burghard Baltrusch, Joana Meirim, Lúcia Evangelista and Antía Monteagudo | Documenta, 2024)

Edited Collection — Conceptual Writing and Humor (with João Paulo Guimarães | Cassiopeia ILC Digital Books, 2024)

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Recent activities and publications

Journal article — “Imaginar, especular, subverter (através de sonhos, visões, alucinações): Fernando Pessoa, Edgar Pêra e a inteligência artificial” (published in Portuguese in Pessoa Plural, 25 – June 2024)

Edited Collection — Performances Poéticas | Poéticas Performativas (coedited with Inês Cardoso and Lúcia Evangelista | Cassiopeia ILC Digital Books, 2024)

Journal issue — eLyra, n. 22, “Poéticas e Políticas da Repetição = The Poetics and Politics of Repetition” (December 2023)

Journal issue — Revista 2iEstudos de Identidade e Intermedialidade, vol. 8. n. 5, “Salette Tavares: «vocação de ser itinerante»” (December 2023, coedited with Rui Torres and Inês Cardoso)

last updated: June 2024